Training methods are changing during this period of crisis. The lockdown and health protocols have boosted companies to train online. The trend towards the digitalization of training is accelerating and many organizations want to integrate digital in their practices. Online training courses have different teaching methods adapted to the learning situation, the instructional goal, and the evaluation system associated with each objective. 

Do you know all the new training trends? 

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the second part of the training trends in 2021. 

Mobile learning: a mode of learning in mobility 

Do you want “whenever wherever” training? Mobile learning is the solution. But what is this mode of learning really? 

Mobile learning is a new mode of mobile training that allows continuous access to the learning process thanks to 100% responsive content. Learners can train from their phone, tablet, or laptop any time, any place. This mode of learning has proven itself thanks to its great flexibility and its playful side which ultimately continue to move us toward the targeted educational objectives. 

Mobile learning modules are usually short, with a nice design to enhance the user experience. This innovative training strategy can be developed in different formats whether through games, scenarios, or quizzes. In order not to lose the learners’ concentration, visual content such as infographics, videos, and gamification must be provided. The goal is to capture the learners’ attention and foster their engagement. 

Users are placed at the heart of the device and can train at their own pace; This strengthens their autonomy and stimulates them to spend more time in their learning. 

Micro-learning: a learning method with short modules 

Everyone talks about micro-learning but what does it actually involve? 

Micro-learning is a method of online learning that favors rather short modules of 20 seconds to 5 minutes and available 24/7. This learning process is based on an iterative and participatory approach. Quick, simple training modules meet an immediate need and can be combined with other teaching methods. 

This training strategy makes it possible to train any time, any place with any device. In addition, short modules are easier to fit into any schedule. 

Training web-based distribution platforms 

The use of e-learning platforms to provide training is constantly evolving. Learners can train online with the various resources available to them, whether they are e-learning modules, documents, or evaluations. They have the opportunity to follow their progress throughout their training. These platforms allow trainers and/or administrators to manage the dissemination of training content. The advantage of an e-learning platform is to make it possible to carry out precise monitoring thanks to individual and global training statistics. 

There are different types of e-learning platforms: 

LMS platforms to provide online learning 

The question we can ask ourselves today is: What does LMS mean and why is an LMS platform relevant for distributing online learning? 

LMS or Learning Management System is a software that allows you to create, manage, organize, and provide online training materials to an audience. Based on its abbreviation, here are its main features: 

  • Learning: An LMS platform is created to provide educational materials to an online audience. 
  • Management: An LMS platform helps organize and manage online training, participants, and their results, as well as the effectiveness of e-learning. 
  • System: System is an understatement to say software. 

LMS platforms are numerous and provide many features. They each have different specificities and allow monitoring as well as reporting. Their aim is to simplify the lives of learners and training services. 

The LMS must play on both its design and its features to satisfy the user experience. It must be able to withstand a certain amount of content. 

A  good LMS platform must above all allow you to follow the performance and evolution of learners but also freely produce accurate reports on their progress. 

Engaging and accessible online platforms 

Are you looking for a platform that boosts you in your training and is easily accessible? 

Training platforms are made available to the learner with modules that provide educational content whether in the form of videos, virtual classes, or webconferences. 

Platforms like the Easy-to-use MOOC Office 365 can be accessed 24/7. This platform meets and adapts to your training needs; It has been fully designed by our experts to ensure an optimal training experience. To allow the user to get quickly started with one or more features from Microsoft 365 tools, you can watch short use case videos based on real life business situations. The platform consists primarily of courses and learning paths to help you master one or more Microsoft 365 tools. 

There are also fully dedicated and customizable training platforms that allow you to customize your training according to the business needs of your company. You can also update your training courses in case of upgrades to your applications. 

Do you want to set up a support system that adapts to your needs? The DiLeaP platform is the ideal solution to support users in real time with a personalization of messages, a graphic charter adapted to that of the company as well as a set of training courses. In addition to its wide choice of training content, the platform provides a set of personalization, education, communication but also consulting services. 

How to involve and motivate learners? 

Platforms use gamification to optimize learning and increase engagement. The game is a very convenient tool for learning. The DiLeaP platform promotes learners to advance their skills thanks to a dashboard that displays the courses and learning paths taken and gamification that strengthens motivation with badges and points. 

Communication within the team is important to foster learner engagement. You have the possibility to communicate on the different trainings thanks to the communication module of the platform. Our teams help you realize your communication plan. 

You will be able to value learning in real time thanks to a measurement of the commitment of your employees, the follow-up of training, registrations, and evaluations. 

Usage adoption platforms are a must have! 

Find the solution that best suits your needs. 

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