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At Mandarine Academy, user-centricity is our mantra. Fostering user engagement and motivation to excel in software tools is pivotal for your project’s triumph and maximizing your ROI (Return on Investment).


Digital Transformation Success:
A User-Focused Digital Strategy

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Tailored solutions for seamless digital tool and practice adoption

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Change management insights from our PROSCI-certified specialists

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Addressing the Software Mastery Challenge in Enterprises

Research by Randstad highlights that a staggering 56% of professionals feel unequipped to adeptly use digital technologies in
the current scenario.

Did you realize that businesses, on average, waste upwards of €135,000 yearly on dormant SaaS tools? Yet, software usage is on the rise. The secret to your organization’s fiscal health is rooted in adept software adoption and training.

Pondering the formula for training project victory? It begins with comprehensive user engagement.

Our clientele has witnessed an astounding sixfold surge in successful software adoption endeavors.


More than 15 years of experience

bespoke training
platforms designed
for our clients
users empowered with digital
tools like Microsoft 365
and Business Applications
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e-Learning modules
annually curated for
Microsoft 365 utilities
virtual training modules
annually led by our
seasoned trainers

Let’s Create Your Unique Change Management Journey Together

Our Comprehensive Package Includes:

▪ A customizable DiLeaP LMS training ecosystem tailored for you
▪ Expert insights from a PROSCI-accredited change management specialist
▪ A rich repository of interactive e-Learning training modules

Centralize and elevate your training.

Harness the potential to inaugurate your exclusive e-Learning training academy. Design courses with ease, host immersive videos, and foster user connections.

Mandarine's Digital Learning Suite

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for bespoke training solutions.

Since 2008, we’ve been pioneering e-Learning modules
to empower users in the digital realm.

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Unlock Corporate Training Success with Mandarine

In the dynamic world of business metamorphosis, the route to success is paved with user engagement and empowerment. At Mandarine Academy, we pledge more than just support; we promise a collaborative journey to your project's zenith. Let's chart the course to brilliance together.

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