Together, Let's Create Training Content that Meets All Our Needs

Created by people, for people!

Deliver Unique and Impactful Training to Your Users

100% Developed In-House by Our Expert Teams

6,000 e-Learning Content Creations Each Year

Our Distinctive Advantage: Content crafted exclusively by our skilled teams. We oversee every stage, enabling us to customize every facet of the design process to meet your specific needs, resulting in a seamless and engaging learning experience that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Human-Crafted Content for a Human-Centered Approach

At Mandarine Academy, we prioritize the human element in our training solutions. This is why we believe in creating our content in-house, granting us full control over all aspects to deliver a top-tier learning experience. While smart technological tools can automate educational content creation, we view their role as complementary to, not a replacement for, expert trainer-led content development. This approach ensures content personalization and addresses all learner needs effectively.

Showcasing Our Expertise in Custom e-Learning Content Creation

We’ve been at the forefront of e-learning for 15 years. Our teams specialize in developing SCORM-compliant content and have the expertise to craft custom modules, videos, and courses in diverse formats tailored to your precise requirements.

Engaging Interactive Training Content

Our fully homemade and customizable interactive training materials are the result of collaborative brainstorming with you. We’re committed to creating content that truly engages and meets your unique needs.

Educational Video Content with a Purpose

Replay videos, webcasts, and video tutorials: Our video content is crafted to simplify knowledge transfer. Our aim is to provide
step-by-step video explanations for a clearer understanding.

Graphic-Enhanced Videos

Illustrative use cases, comprehensive explanatory videos, featuring motion or flat design—our videos combine screen capture and infographics for impactful presentations. We craft imaginative content that aligns with the desired level of realism and style. From animated characters to real-life scenarios and engaging mini-series with weekly episode releases, we’re here to captivate your audience.

Engaging Teaser Video Productions

Our teams create tailored presentation videos to match your communication requirements and corporate culture. Whether you prefer a playful tone, a hint of drama, humorous or more serious messaging, we deliver videos in motion design or live-action format.

Custom Video Shoots

Our teams are ready to travel for video shoots. Whether you prefer shooting in our facilities or at a location of your choice, we offer versatile options to meet your needs.

Serious Games

Leveraging the mechanics of video games to foster educational objectives—that’s the core concept of serious games. We internally develop interactive games to guide learners in knowledge acquisition through an engaging educational approach.

A Holistic Design Process with Your Involvement from Start to Finish

You get to choose the content type.

Through ongoing dialogue, we pinpoint your requirements and goals, with our designers and trainers continuously upskilling if necessary.

Together, we shape the narrative, educational approach, and plan.

Our teams bring the content to life.

Upon validation, we focus on publishing and sharing the content. Should you require it, we can translate it into other languages to cater to all your users.

Do you have a training project? Reach out to us today, and let's collaboratively discover the optimal formats tailored to your specific needs.