The PROSCI Method

Our preferred strategy for ensuring success in your change management project!

It dramatically increases your chances of success by
an impressive factor of 6.

Why Choose this Approach?

Implementing your project using the PROSCI method substantially increases your likelihood of successfully navigating
the intricacies of change management—by an impressive factor of 6.

Curious as to why? Without a precise and structured methodology, there’s a significant risk of only partially adopting new practices.
As a globally renowned leader in change management, PROSCI equips us to deliver exceptional change management services.

PROSCI: A Game-Changer in Change Management

  • PROSCI, originally introduced by an American company in 1994, has become a leading methodology for navigating organizational change. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a standout choice. With PROSCI, you’ll receive personalized support tailored to your team’s unique profiles and insights. Don’t miss out on the game-changing benefits of this renowned approach to change management.

Why Implement the PROSCI Methodology?

Did you know? 💡 Research conducted by PROSCI in 2018 revealed that a change project has a sixfold higher chance of success when effective change management is employed.

This underscores the crucial role of change management in your company’s digital transformation:

  • Boost the project’s chances of success
  • Effectively handle resistance to change
  • Safeguard the ROI dependent on human factors
  • Enhance organizational change readiness 

The Method: 3 Phases for Achieving Successful Change Management!

To facilitate effective change, it's crucial that every individual actively participates in the proposed change process. The PROSCI approach encompasses three phases, allowing for the implementation of precise action plans.
1: Prepare for Change

Establish a structured methodology
to lay the groundwork

2: Manage Change

Leverage the PROSCI approach
to drive tangible results

3: Strengthen Change

Ensure the adoption and long-term sustainability of the transformation

The ADKAR Tool: A Crucial Element of the Method

The ADKAR tool highlights the three phases
of the PROSCI method.

To uncover the 5 key steps
for successful adoption of your new tools...

Starting a transformation project? Don't overlook the importance of support!
Let's work together to ensure the successful adoption of these new practices.