Virtual Training Expertise

15 Years of Excellence

Why not offer your employees virtual training sessions?

Since Mandarine Academy’s establishment in 2008, we’ve been dedicated to providing virtual training sessions lasting from 45 to 90 minutes. These sessions are designed to empower your users with essential skills in various areas, including collaboration tools, office software, telephony, and specialized business applications. What sets us apart is our efficient logistics and training organization tool, allowing us to deploy training in just 48 hours.

Our impressive track record speaks volumes:

Over 200,000 individuals benefit from our virtual classes via video conferencing every year.

We efficiently train up to 400 individuals daily.

Our in-house trainers have created and delivered over 6,000 training content and sessions.

We bring to the table a wealth of experience, boasting 15 years in the realm of remote training.

Virtual Training

With Mandarine Academy’s expertise, you can seamlessly transition to virtual training sessions, empowering your employees to learn from anywhere.

Quick Deployment: Virtual training is faster to set up than in-person sessions, allowing you to replicate the advantages of in-person training while adding the benefits of virtual meetings.

Group Dynamics: Our approach preserves the dynamics of group learning. You still get the guidance of an instructor and the quality of a traditional classroom, all from the comfort of your remote location.

Our Training Logistics Tool: Streamlining Success

  • Since 2008, we’ve been equipped with our own cutting-edge training logistics tool. This tool empowers us to seamlessly and swiftly manage student enrollments, schedule sessions, coordinate trainer availability, and efficiently send out registration, unsubscription, cancellation, and training reminder emails.

  • Thanks to this powerful tool, we’re capable of delivering tailor-made training solutions in as little as 48 hours! When it comes to training, we’ve got the technology and expertise to make it happen.
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Empowering Everyone: Our Battle Against Digital Exclusion

  • Here at Mandarine Academy, we’re dedicated to fighting digital exclusion head-on. We recognize that digital skills vary among individuals.

  • That’s why we customize our training methods to suit your employees’ unique needs. Do you have team members struggling with digital literacy? We can introduce training in person to provide a seamless transition to online learning.

If you've made it this far, you're undoubtedly interested in virtual training.