Who Are We? 

In 2008, we identified a critical issue: enterprise tools were being implemented without proper onboarding, communication, or training.

Our mission since then has been to make digital tools accessible to everyone!


You've been in the same role for several years, with your routines and practices on tools you know inside out. However, one day, your manager informs you that starting tomorrow, you'll be using a new tool. How can you approach this change with enthusiasm? Unfortunately, without proper guidance, this is rarely the case.

That's why at Mandarine Academy, we are dedicated to making digital tools accessible to everyone. We ensure that every user has the ability to effectively use the digital tools introduced in their workplace.

Thus, we support our clients and their users, ensuring that every digital transformation project can achieve its objectives.

Our vision

Digital tools are a central driver of growth and profitability, continuously evolving. Ensuring that employees can quickly adapt to digital tools and their ever-changing nature is a crucial factor for enhancing business performance.

A 100% Made in France Solution

Our teams are based in Villeneuve d'Ascq, in the Hauts-de-France region. To better serve your needs, we manage the entire lifecycle of our solutions in-house, from inception to completion. From designing training prototypes to crafting courses, from developing the LMS tool to deploying content on training platforms, every step is executed by our dedicated teams. This approach grants us control over every facet of the solutions we provide, ensuring swift responses to any challenges that may arise and allowing us to meet your exacting standards.

Our history

Company Inception

Mandarine was born when Laurent Maurer founded it, originally named Mandarine Business School. This marked the inception of our journey, accompanied by the introduction of our proprietary logistics tool, Teachoip. Teachoip is an online application developed by Mandarine to efficiently manage and organize all training activities.

RDV Formation Inception

This offering provides web conference-based training in small groups with a maximum of 10 participants.

Capital Raise

We secured a one million euros investment from Croissance Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Bpifrance, and Picardie Investissement to accelerate our expansion in Europe and North America. This led to the creation of our MOOC Office 365 platform, which replaced our RDV formation offering. Our platform provides web conference-based training and 24/7 access to Microsoft 365 tool training videos.

Name change

Mandarine underwent a name change, becoming Mandarine Academy. This change aimed to establish a brand with a distinct visual identity, enhance our visibility and reputation, and position us as a key player in digital support. We introduced a packaged offering consisting of a dedicated training platform and support provided by our project managers.


Originally located in Roubaix, Mandarine Academy moved to Villeneuve d’Ascq to be closer to the technical hub and universities in the Lille metropolitan area.


DiLeaP inception. DiLeaP is a customizable training and support platform with a simple and fast setup. This platform is scalable through its management space accessible to all members of the change management team.


Creation of the "Ecoach" format, small group coaching sessions with an instructor.

Digital Illiteracy

Mandarine Academy is actively involved in the fight against digital illiteracy, a problem that has been revealed and exacerbated by the health crisis. Our training programs also adapt to new conditions, and we find ways to make them more participatory, especially through the use of Klaxoon. Our training logistics tool DiLeaP Logistic, which replaces Teachoip, undergoes changes to facilitate the organization of the many video conferences we conduct every day. Launch of knowledge certifications.

New Interface

Redesign of the interface of our training platform, especially with the launch of MARS: Mandarine Academy Recommend System, an intelligent content recommendation system developed in the context of our research collaboration with the University of Lille. Redesign of catalogs as well, to implement sequenced courses. Launch of our first serious game.

Name Change for MOOC Office 365

The MOOC Office 365 is now DiLeaP 365. We are expanding the subjects of our training content beyond Microsoft 365 tools, including content on cybersecurity and CSR. To reflect this change and show our users and clients the full potential of our product DiLeaP, our training platform is taking on this new name. This also marks the birth of DiLeaP for Teams, DiLeaP AI Tutor, the integration of OpenAI into our tool, and the first edition of our CSR training catalog.

Our Core Values



Mandarine Academy is dedicated to innovation, constantly working on forward-looking projects to enhance the experiences of our clients and users.


At our core, we prioritize human connections. We offer direct interactions through video conference training, provide guidance at every stage through our consultants, maintain a company culture rooted in human values, design our tools in-house from start to finish, and, most importantly, draw inspiration from our learners to continuously improve our solutions.


Together, we collaborate to create the solution that will drive your project to success.


At every step, we're by your side, assisting you in achieving your goals. Our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet the unique needs of your project, increasing your chances of success.

Key Figures

3,000 clients served: Addressing a wide range of diverse needs.

Training for 1 million users: Ensuring inclusivity in digital transformation.

€3 million in revenue: The result of our capable team’s dedicated effort

15 years of experience: 15 years of honing our expertise.

40 dedicated employees: A company with a human touch.

Support for 64 languages in video subtitles: Making training accessible to everyone with ease.

Our Certifications and Accolades


Since 2021, we have proudly held the QUALIOPI certification. This reputable and exclusive label, granted by the State, serves as a testament to the quality of our training programs. Among the vast pool of 80,000 registered training organizations, we stand proudly among the distinguished 10,000 certified centers.


Datadock stands as a unique database that validates the adherence of training organizations to the 6 quality criteria stipulated by the decree of June 30, 2015.

Gold Microsoft Partner

Mandarine Academy has achieved the esteemed status of being a certified Gold Microsoft Partner in two competencies: ISV and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. This certification represents the pinnacle of expertise and specialization in Microsoft technologies. Companies that hold this certification enjoy privileged relationships with Microsoft.

Microsoft Adoption Specialist

The “Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist” certification is designed to certify professionals in the field of adoption and equip them with key skills to promote the adoption of Microsoft services, as well as enhance the overall employee experience.


PROSCI is a U.S.-based research company (Professional and Science) that specializes in studying best practices in change management. With over 20 years of research and assessments of more than 6,000 companies, including 21% in Europe, their methodology is globally recognized. PROSCI is an internationally acknowledged leader in change management, and our change management consultants are PROSCI certified. They leverage the ADKAR method and tools to provide the best possible guidance to our clients.


We offer training programs that are eligible for FNE-Formation. The FNE-Formation program has been reinforced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is initiated by the government with the aim of funding (up to 100% of educational costs) employee training in companies utilizing partial activity measures. This enables every employee to continue their learning journey and enhance their skills, even when placed on partial unemployment.


Through our partnership with Klaxoon, we aim to facilitate proficiency in collaborative tools and empower all users to expedite the adoption of new working methods using our DiLeaP 365 training platform, which already boasts over 100,000 users. This certification also enables us to offer engaging and innovative training methodologies utilizing Klaxoon’s collaborative tools.

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