DiLeaP Academy

Our Approach to Effectively Supporting User Change Across Your Organization

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) + Training + Expert Consultation

Every change management project is unique; let's build yours!

Mandarine Academy leverages technology’s capabilities, but more importantly, it relies on human expertise to help you successfully reach your objectives.

We firmly believe that each employee should receive customized support for their tools and work methods. An organization can truly accomplish its goals when its employees are guided in adapting to evolving tools.

Speed up the adoption of new practices to enhance your ROI!

LMS Solution

Empower your team with our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS). Our platform is designed to seamlessly facilitate the adoption of new practices, accessible around the clock for flexible, self-paced learning. What sets us apart? It’s 100% customizable to match your brand’s identity.

Tailored Training

Unlock the potential of personalized e-Learning in a variety of formats, recognizing that each team member is unique with their individual learning preferences.

Expert Guidance

Build your change management plan with your dedicated consultant, based on the ADKAR model from the PROSCI method. Your consultant supports you all the way to the success of your project, addressing every aspect of change management: overcoming resistance, communication, raising awareness, educational choices, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Our R&D team is dedicated to developing innovative pedagogical methods to enhance learners’ training experience. We employ Adaptive Learning to recommend the most relevant training content for users. Our AI-powered training assistant answers all their questions and helps them find the most suitable learning resources.

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What is DiLeaP Academy?

DiLeaP Academy represents our change management approach at Mandarine Academy. We are confident that the combination of a training platform, training programs, and expert human consultation is the cornerstone of successfully guiding your employees through the change process.

Is it mandatory to buy the complete package?

If you already have an existing learning platform or training content, we have the capability to seamlessly integrate with your LMS platform or incorporate your content into our LMS platform.

I lack training content; how can I provide training to my employees?

For more than 15 years, we have been providing ready-to-use training content, as well as developing tailor-made e-Learning content through our in-house teams.

What are the key applications of DiLeaP Academy?

Our clients leverage DiLeaP Academy to facilitate change management among their employees in various areas:
- Office tools (Microsoft 365, Google Suite...)
- Business applications
- CRM and ERP systems
- Industry-specific topics. Explore our case study with FFESSM (Fédération Française d’Études et de Sports Sous-Marins/French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports)
- CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) training

Which industries benefit from DiLeaP Academy?

Our support solutions are applicable to all sectors, both public and private, as we firmly believe that anyone in the working world should have access to guidance for adapting their work methods to the changing landscape of their daily tools.