Seamless learning, now integrated with Microsoft Teams.


Engage in continuous learning anytime and anywhere using DiLeaP LMS.

Unified Training Platform

Experience seamless training directly within Microsoft Teams using DiLeaP LMS for Teams.
This integration ensures that employee training becomes a core part of their daily tasks,
removing the hassle of accessing external websites.

Integrated Training Solution: Built exclusively within Microsoft Teams.

Comprehensive Content Management: Streamline training materials and resources.

Versatile Learning Options: Offering diverse course types and innovative approaches.

Optimized Engagement: Ensuring a captivating user experience.

Instant Access Through Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly merge your comprehensive DiLeaP LMS training catalog directly into the Microsoft Teams workspace.

    • Adaptable Training Formats: Empower your workforce with easy access to diverse training modes, from e-learning and virtual sessions to hands-on in-person training, all tailored with user-specific permissions.
    • Broadened Visibility on Microsoft Marketplace: Showcase your application and extend your training reach to the expansive Microsoft user community.


DiLeaP LMS in Microsoft Teams:
Comprehensive Learning Integration

A Seamless Interface for Enhanced User Experience

Experience the optimized integration of DiLeaP LMS directly within the Microsoft Teams environment. The transformation of platform tabs into Teams tabs ensures navigation that’s as intuitive as the web version, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

Direct Communication Streamlined in Microsoft Teams

Beyond the integrated email module of DiLeaP LMS, our Microsoft Teams application introduces a dynamic method to engage with your users via push notifications. Distributing new training materials? Simplify the process with instant Teams alerts.

Effortless Course Distribution at Your Fingertips

Sharing a captivating training module with peers has never been easier. With a single tap on the “Share” button, dispatch training materials directly to a Teams channel or individual conversation. Recipients accessing the shared link are smoothly transitioned to the Teams app, ensuring a continuous learning experience without ever exiting the platform. Dive into and disseminate
e-learning content without a hitch!

Chatbot Integration: Simplifying Training Content Discovery

Seamlessly built into the application, our chatbot empowers users to swiftly pinpoint the exact training materials they’re seeking, streamlining the learning process.

Comprehensive Blended Learning: Diversity at Its Best

Mirroring its web-based version, the
DiLeaP LMS for Teams app provides a gateway to an extensive training library.
From videos, live virtual sessions, and immersive serious games to downloadable resources and quizzes, every piece of training content, whether from our catalog or yours, is effortlessly accessible within the app.

In-depth Application Engagement Metrics

Parallel to the insights offered in the web iteration of DiLeaP LMS, we deliver detailed analytics capturing user interactions within the Microsoft Teams application, ensuring you have a clear view of engagement levels.

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