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Our Commitment to Research and Development

In our pursuit of innovation and competitiveness, we continuously explore educational advancements, including video formats, serious games, gamification, and our flagship offering, distance learning. Our distance learning programs have always been conducted using video conferencing tools. Over the past few years, we’ve delved into more technical aspects such as Adaptive Learning and training logistics enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Our Partnership

Our research and development efforts are conducted in collaboration with the CRIStAL laboratory at the University of Lille, specifically with the ORKAD research unit (Operational Research, Knowledge, and Data). CRIStAL is the research center for computer science, signal processing, and control systems at the University of Lille. Researchers at CRIStAL focus on areas such as BIG Data, Robotics, and bioinformatics, with a total of 40 research teams. We are proud to work alongside the ORKAD research unit, which specializes in mathematical optimization, both mono and multi-objective.

About Mandarine Academy Research

Mandarine Academy Research is a multidisciplinary unit dedicated to enhancing the learning experience provided by Mandarine Academy’s platforms. This unit leverages the expertise of engineers, researchers, designers, and product leaders who transform knowledge and technology into an excellent learning experience. Mandarine Academy is committed to making digital tools accessible to everyone, ensuring that employees can effectively use the company’s tools and best practices. Their focus is on customer support, enabling each business to achieve its goals.
The research unit aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in artificial intelligence and educational technologies to share innovative ideas, conduct research, and solve problems.

Research Areas

  • Learning Behavior
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Learning Assessment
  • Recommendation Assessments
  • User Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Research and Recommendations
  • Ordering and Planning

Mandarine Academy has delivered educational content to over half a million users to help them improve their skills. However, serving a large user base individually is not practical; it requires a thorough understanding of users' preferences and interests.

Understanding the communication patterns between humans and machines (such as text, speech, video, etc.) is crucial for uncovering the best ways to convey information while preserving the social and emotional aspects of the learning experience information while also retaining the social and emotional elements of the learning process.

Assessing the results of watching educational videos can be a complex endeavor, particularly in the online realm. That's why Mandarine is dedicated to refining evaluation metrics designed to gauge learning progress, content relevance, and overall satisfaction within an online learning platform.

The Best Option for Web Developers

Assessing the effectiveness of a recommendation algorithm is pivotal. In online systems like MOOCs, user interactions with the presented recommendations are monitored to gauge system performance. Conversely, offline methods utilize historical datasets, such as user ratings, to yield metrics like accuracy. Predictive measures delve into the alignment of recommendation system ratings with user evaluations. Both evaluation techniques find application across various Mandarine Academy products.

Capturing shifts in user behavior, preferences, and learning is essential for us to incorporate these changes into our models. By harnessing user interactions across different stages, we create engaging and personalized experiences for our users. We continually refine our AI-based models to deliver these customized experiences.

This domain encompasses every facet of Mandarine Academy's projects. It begins with online learning platforms, including features like recommendations, research, and user classification. It extends to logistical planning with DiLeaP Logistic, designed to find solutions in complex environments. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly integrated into various tools used across Mandarine Academy's services, aiming to enhance solution development and deliver an improved user experience.

The Best Option for Web Developers

Research and recommendations are dedicated to pinpointing user needs. Grasping the preferences of both advanced and regular users can influence, for instance, personalized outcomes and offer an analysis of search trends.

Scheduling is among the most arduous and time-consuming tasks for any organization, and as a result, it has garnered substantial attention over several decades. Institutions and universities operate within diverse environments and workspaces, each presenting various constraints and real-world scenarios to resolve. Over the years, researchers have endeavored to introduce different methods and problem-solving approaches to cope with the growing challenges posed by these issues.

Researchers at Mandarine Academy

Pamela Wattebled


Google Scholar

LinkedIn Profile

Pamela WATTEBLED is the Production Director and Partner at Mandarine Academy. She also contributes to Mandarine Academy’s R&D team on research related to machine learning, optimization, data exploration, and big data.

Mounir Hafsa


Google Scholar

LinkedIn Profile

Mounir HAFSA holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Lille. He is currently working with ORKAD, a research unit specializing in combinatorial optimization and data exploration, as well as with the R&D team at Mandarine Academy. His research focuses on machine learning, optimization, data exploration, and big data.


Explore the publications and scientific contributions of Mandarine Academy Research. Most of the listed works are made available to ensure the reproducibility of scientific experiments. Copyright and all related rights are retained by the authors or by other copyright holders. Anyone copying this information must adhere to the conditions and constraints invoked by each copyright.

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