In a world where everything changes very quickly, the change of IT and collaborative tools within organizations is very frequent. Each new tool, each new update brings new functionalities to facilitate communication, collaboration, sharing… . However, mastering all these features quickly and knowing how to use them effectively on a daily basis is not easy for many users. Support in order to avoid resistance to change and continuous training of solutions are then necessary.

A training platform dedicated to users’ needs

We have built our training platform to be a tool dedicated to supporting users. Our platform is now a powerful user support tool for companies. It has been designed by change management experts and business players combining Mandarine Academy know-how.

You can also discover the MOOC Office 365, the training platform to support users and allow them to appropriate their new Office 365 collaborative tools.

By giving business access to all your employees, you:

  • develop your employees’ new Office 365 uses
  • train and monitor their progress
  • give them the opportunity to train whenever they want and at their own pace
  • give them the possibility to register for more than 50 hours of live training with a trainer via the included web conference, lasting 45 minutes
  • give them access to many Office 365 contents according to software evolutions
  • give them access to short videos of use situations and video tutorials

Choose a customized training platform

To accelerate adoption and develop new Office 365 uses, we also give you the opportunity to get your own version of  the training platform, fully customized in access mode, interface, and management.

By choosing a personalized and intra-company training platform, you have the possibility to:

  • enrich your platform by choosing from our Office 365 content
  • integrate your own tutorials, courses, and learning paths directly into your training platform
  • integrate inter and intra-company sessions in webconference, led by an expert trainer; distance training sessions promoting exchange.
  • choose for yourself the messages to convey and their frequency to your end users
  • use the full power of the backoffice to administer the platform and manage your users
  • choose the coursesand subjects you want to highlight, add, or hide using the content management console.
  • follow the evolution and activity of users, as well as the most consulted resources via the administration and reporting console

Offers accessible via our partners

The platform is also an available tool for IT service providers who wish to offer their customers a training solution on usage, or for publishers who wish to offer their resellers a training solution. Our platform has been designed to manage multiple environments and manage different levels of companies. For example, a publisher can declare partners who, themselves, will be able to declare their customers and have a follow-up at each level by dedicated dashboards and personalized follow-up interfaces. We also offer the possibility of using APIs to facilitate user reporting on the platform.

Whether you want to give your users access to the MOOC Office 365 platform, get your own training platform, or become a Mandarine Academy partner, contact us so we can discuss your change management needs.