Training is essential for good end user adoption, future sales and renewals

Training has long been seen as an afterthought when selling Software licenses. Cut out of quotes to make them more cost-effective, or not included at all, training can also be complicated to arrange and coordinate. But training isn’t just nice to have. In the age of Cloud and Software as a Service, when even just replacing Microsoft Office with Office 365 involves the introduction of new services such as Yammer, Teams and Skype for Business, it is an essential if you want good customer adoption and ultimately future sales and renewals.

Companies can experience great efficiencies when they adopt new services, and these potential benefits will of course form part of your sales process. On completion, the management team will be looking for evidence of promised efficiencies, but the implementation of new products and services can be disrupted by disengaged end users. Resistant to change and a bit scared of new technology, end users can be very slow to see potential advantages in new services. In turn, low adoption rates of new services will impact on the measurable benefits to your customer.

Fortunately, great change management and easy access to comprehensive training can transform reluctant end users into change champions, smoothing the entire change process.

Introducing Mandarine Academy MOOC for Office 365

Uniquely combining a digital platform with frequent virtual face-to-face interaction, Mandarine Academy offers efficient and highly effective training at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The Mandarine Academy MOOC Office 365 portal is a powerful e-learning platform providing both scheduled training sessions with full live trainer interaction, and on demand, access anytime sessions, driving end user adoption of new technology. With over 450 courses available, learners are transformed into champions of change, working smarter and faster than ever before.

Mandarine Academy also provides fully bespoke training programmes on Office 365 and other technologies as required.

                1. Value to Customer

Training provides real value to the customer. You can help your customer to realise the value of their solution much more quickly; to experience the benefits faster and with less friction from resistant staff

                2. Differentiation

There is a growing trend for technology providers to be looking at a wider picture, not talking solely about technology but really focusing on the business and change. Managing that change is becoming core revenue for many partners.

                3. Licence renewal

By building training into your Office 365 offering you are no longer just selling a technology and migration service, you are providing far more value, you are helping a company change.

With subscription licences the renewal cycle is broken. No longer 3-5 years, now every single year a customer might choose to change their Partner of Record (POR). Or at least to change the shape of an agreement, according to their changing business needs. They might stay with you, but perhaps not renew licences for services that they have not used. The job doesn’t stop once you have delivered the service.

To ensure that companies not only renew their licences but that you benefit from organic growth, you need achieve fantastic end-user adoption. End-user adoption is achieved through great relevant training.

Protect your revenue, drive end-user adoption, add training to your offer. Add Mandarine Academy Office 365 Mooc.

For more information about our solution, please contact us : contact@mandarine.academy