As 2017 comes to an end, we would like to give you our sincere thanks for being part of our year. 2017 has been another amazing year for Mandarine Academy. 2018 has now arrived with new heights, new accomplishments, new experiences and new acquaintances. May this New Year be filled with happiness and brings you more success.

We would like to take this small opportunity to thank you all for the support you’ve shown us. It has been a wonderful journey where we met new people, received new ideas and served more customers.

Let’s take this moment to summarize what happened this year :

New logo, new slogan, new graphic interface

In 2017, Mandarine Business School became Mandarine Academy. We wanted to create a brand to standardize our communication and increase our visibility as a well-established player in the digital change and transformation area.

A new logo, a new slogan and a new graphic interface were created in order to better convey our abilities. Our intention was to employ the creation of our new identity as the backing engine to a more complete development strategy for our company.

Events and new acquaintance

Once again, we were glad to meet new people during all the events we attended this year. Microsoft Inspire, Future Decoded were really great opportunities to meet our partners and customers and we look forward to meeting up again at major events in the coming year!

The best training service for your staff

From free access MOOC to personalised corporate offering, we want to offer each company the best tailored service for training your staff. We wanted to create offers that better meet your needs. Whether it’s O365 end user training or a need to simplify the adoption of different solutions, we offer a personalised online training portal to suit your needs.

To get your own online training platform, contact us now!

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

At the end of 2017, we integrated Artificial Intelligence on our Office 365 training platform. The platform is now able to recommend courses and learning paths for each user. As you consult the platform more frequently, the content choice becomes more relevant, which in turn helps to fine tune courses recommended to you.

To better understand how it works, read this article dedicated to our use of Artificial Intelligence : http://blog-mooc.office365-training.com/en/discover-your-new-account-on-the-mooc-office-365/ .


All of the team at Mandarine Academy would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers, partners and suppliers for all your support during 2017.  We look forward to keeping you updated with more interesting content as we enter into 2018.

We would like to thank all of you for this incredible journey through 2017. Mandarine Academy looks forward to continue to take care of your training and adoption needs now and into the future.

See you soon!