Teleworking represents any form of remote work conducted mostly via an internet connection. This new way of working allows employees to be more flexible in their schedules, to save time on their commuting or to better reconcile their personal and professional lives. However, when teleworking became widespread during the health crisis, not everything went as planned. 

Indeed, not all employees were accompanied and trained to adapt to teleworking. With the increase in the number of digital tools to use, many teleworkers quickly found themselves overwhelmed. As a result, some are considering a professional change once the epidemic is over. 

A lack of support and training for employees 

A lack of support and training for employees has been highlighted since the generalization of teleworking. Indeed, 65% of teleworkers in French SMEs believe that there was a lack of training in IT solutions during the health crisis. Only 16% say their company offered them training, while 18% had to train themselves. It is estimated that only 30% have managed to acquire basic skills. 

These figures therefore reveal that there is a significant need for training. Training employees is essential to develop their skills, improve the quality of their work, and make them more autonomous and efficient. 

Employees overwhelmed with tools 

Another point related to the generalization of teleworking is the number of tools adopted by companies. 

During the health crisis, companies have equipped themselves with many digital tools in order to continue their activities despite the restrictions. In a few days, sometimes in a few hours, companies have adopted teleworking. This hasty adoption has created a feeling of submersion among some employees. While 64% say they are comfortable with the amount of apps they use in their work, 36% feel overwhelmed by all these tools. 

In this context, more than 2 out of 10 French people have expressed the wish to change jobs once the health crisis has passed. Several reasons were mentioned. First of all, this can be explained by an upheaval in the organization, such as a change in workload or objectives. Then, some evoke the inefficiency of remote management as well as their lack of skills in the face of tools. But for 75% of them, their job no longer gives them satisfaction. They find that their job has become monotonous, boring or has lost interest. 

This is why, when a change takes place in the company, it is important to train and support its employees. Mandarine Academy can help you answer these issues.  

To get more input, feel free to contact us. Together, we will find a solution to support your employees during this period. 

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