In the two previous blog articles dedicated to the key factors of your Office 365 adoption, we discussed the players to include and communication. In this third and final part, we will discuss user training.

Training is essential to ensure that new users have the necessary knowledge to take advantage of Office 365. The development of a comprehensive training program prior to the launch of your project is an essential element for the successful adoption of the tools. Training should not be limited to the presentation of tools. You will need to inform your users of the reason for the change, and the benefits they will receive. Giving this information to your end users will help promote the adoption of Office 365 in the long term.

Create your training plan

The first step will be to create your training plan. When developing your plan, you will need to consider:

  • Users’ technological knowledge: you need to understand the level of each of your users. This will help to determine their ability to embrace new ways of working.
  • Other training initiatives that take place simultaneously in the company: it is important to know what other learning programs are currently underway in the company to ensure that you do not overwhelm users, and that there is no confusion with learning new work methods.
  • The means of learning: it is important to determine the best way to provide learning to users. On-site training? Videos?
  • The culture of your organization: every company is different and the way your organization operates can contribute to the choice of your training program.

A good adoption plan is essential, as users’ understanding and use of Office 365 tools will evolve differently for each individual or team.

A few words about the Mandarine Academy platform

For more than ten years, Mandarine Academy has been supporting the digital transformation of companies by facilitating the introduction and use of new technologies by all employees. We propose a new way to train more effectively in terms of skills, capacity, time and budget. It was therefore important in this article that we share a few words with you about the Mandarine Academy platform.

The objective of a successful Office 365 adoption project is the adoption of new uses by all employees. Having fully understood this new challenge, we have created an offer that allows us to obtain our own intuitive, fun and personalized training platform including resources and services adapted to your needs and those of your users.

Among these resources and services, you will find:

The virtual classroom

Virtual classes have several significant benefits when it comes to learning:

  • They allow participants to be involved through participatory pedagogy without having to travel.
  • Users interact live with a real trainer.
  • It facilitates learner engagement.
  • Allows you to get rid of the logistical costs associated with travel.
  • They are quick to deploy (in less than 48 hours, training can be organized.).

The multimedia format

Video is of course still a standard in training. That’s why we offer various video formats on Office 365, telephony and business applications (use cases, tutorials, web series, session replay). Because telling a story is much more meaningful than a functional description, we offer videos that limit the projection efforts on the uses adapted to the trades and contexts. More than 5,000 projects have been carried out by Mandarine Studio, of short duration to facilitate the adoption of uses.

A powerful logistics engine

By obtaining your own training platform, organize your training, manage your communication, monitor resource consumption and choose the training resources you want to highlight, add, or hide. With the platform’s administration console, manage the training and your adoption plan in one place.

Of course, we also offer other services to facilitate the adoption of the uses. If you would like to know more about our offers and services, contact us!