With the emergence of digital, it is now essential for a company to speed up its digital transformation. Digital technology is emerging as a fundamental and strategic lever for growth and development. Technologies and tools are evolving rapidly, and new trends are emerging every year. Continuous training must be rethought within the corporate culture and the organization must change to guarantee the efficiency of processes, the organization of work, but also the quality of your products or services. Not all companies are successful in making this strategic change and some are still struggling. 

Speed up the digital transformation of your company 

The company’s strategic vision must be changed if it wants to conduct its digital transformation. This digital revolution takes into account both new notions of service and human resources. The change management to be implemented must be agile, between technological challenges and management mode to reinvent. 

A multitude of upheavals and innovations are to come. It is important to deploy new digital strategies to cope with these changes. New digital-related professions will also surface. 

There are many advantages to adopting a digital strategy: 

  • Reduction of costs and investments in terms of internal or external communication. 
  • Fluidity of internal exchanges across platforms 
  • Easier access to e-commerce 
  • Simplified strategic analysis facilitated by digital platforms and tools 
  • Fast lead and client search process 
  • Possibility of opening up to a wider market, particularly internationally  
  • Implementation of agile management within the company  
  • Improved brand image  
  • Remain competitive with larger and larger companies 

Accelerating its digital transformation requires communication from all employees and monitoring the good adoption of digital tools. 

Why do some digital transformation strategies fail?  

Less than 1 in 6 digital transformation initiatives succeeds. This failure is the result of several factors including poor communication, inefficient structure, shortcomings at the management level,  etc. 

Many companies are not driving the cultural changes needed to speed up their digital transformation. Leaders are sometimes reluctant to change for fear of not being able to master all digital tools or understand their usefulness. Speeding up your digital transformation is an investment that requires time and money.  

Solutions are emerging for companies to facilitate their digital transformation. They now have the opportunity to be supported at low cost and with the help of digital experts. 

Support to speed up the digital transformation of your company  

Going digital is based on strategy, but also on the use of certain digital tools. These tools are real opportunities to digitize your business.  

How to learn to use digital tools when you have little or no web culture?  

Some tools are not easy to use and sometimes require the help of a digital expert. Training platforms dedicated to supporting users in the handling of digital tools are available on the net.  

Microsoft 365 tools help you best manage your business. Microsoft 365 combines best-in-the-box productivity software, powerful cloud services, device management capabilities, and advanced security tools into a connected experience. This suite of tools also helps individuals and teams perform at their best through the apps and experiences they use every day to communicate, collaborate, and accomplish their tasks.  

Would you like support on all the tools of the Microsoft 365 suite?  

Our team of digital experts, specialists in change management, have put at your disposal several support solutions to help you get started with digital tools.  


Our DiLeaP support solution is a totally dedicated and customizable training platform. It boosts the adoption of new uses and therefore reduces the burden on the support service.  

Our DiLeaP solution is composed of:  

  • A short program, based on efficiency and adaptation during the progress of the program 

Provide visibility into the evolution of digital tool adoption  

Capitalize on past increments 

Improve the project through adaptation throughout its duration 

  • A personalization of the platform  

Customizing messages 

Graphic charter adapted to that of the company 

Possibility to communicate on the different trainings thanks to the communication module of the platform 

  • A permanent follow-up by one of our Adoption Managers 

Definition and monitoring of objectives throughout the program 

A preparation and follow-up work is built with the key actors in the company by integrating business representatives (change management team) 

Follow-up of the various action plans (communication, training …) 

Assessment of the use of new tools and uses 

  • Unlimited access to your platform integrating content and business use cases. The topics are from the catalog, but you can add your own achievements. 

You have the opportunity to test our customizable DiLeaP training platform for free to speed up the development of new uses. 

Adoption Booster

Our support solution: the Booster Adoption drives the uses of digital tools in maximum 3 months. We provide you support around a framework, advice, and a catalog of content.  

The framework: 

  • A regular timing defined upstream 
  • Brief joint decision-making body 
  • Constant adaptability to adapt to needs 

The Board:  

Support from a Success Adoption Manager that facilitates the success of the client’s project. He/She will host the decision-making bodies with the client, and he/she will be his/her contact person throughout the project.  


Unlimited access to our platform containing a lot of quality content and resources covering all Microsoft 365 topics. 

Don’t wait any longer to speed up the adoption of Office 365 uses! 

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