Last month, Mandarine Academy followed the PROSCI training course designed for change management specialists. In this article, we explain what PROSCI means and how this method works.

What does PROSCI mean?

The name is derived from the first syllable of Professional and Science, reflecting the belief that scientific principles and research are fundamental to understanding organizational change. Since 1994, Prosci has accumulated extensive research on best practices in change management.

On this knowledge base, Prosci has developed models, methodology, role-based training and assessment tools that provide an unparalleled insight into the human share of change.

Prosci’s unique objective is to help organizations develop their internal capacity to manage the human side of change and, consequently, carry out their change initiatives. They accomplish their mission by empowering you to apply research and results-based approaches to your change projects.


  • To obtain a change management solution that meets your specific needs.
  • Twenty years of experience and research for change have resulted in practices, tools and methods that you can immediately apply to your project.
  • To apply a knowledge transfer model that builds internal change management skills and capacities within your team or organization.
  • To integrate change management into your other organizational methodologies such as project management or business process improvement.

Supporting change with the PROSCI method

Change management is the priority of a digital transformation project. The main reasons for implementing change management are mainly the following:

  • Increase the probability of project success
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Protect the part of the ROI (Return On Investment) that depends on human factors
  • Develop the ability to change at the organizational level.

According to research conducted by PROSCI in 2018, a change project is 6 times more likely to succeed if change management is effective.

The method is both simple and extremely effective. It is composed of 3 phases:

  • Preparing for change
  • Managing change
  • Strengthening change

In a few words, change management is considered as a process of accompaniment leading individuals and by extension the organization (according to its state of maturity) from a current state to a future state. Change only occurs if each individual changes and integrates the change process. The method is therefore composed of 3 phases deploying precise action plans, revealed by the ADKAR tool, an acronym emblematic of the PROSCI method, meaning Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.

Mandarine, certified?

Change Management is a long process, which takes time. Mandarine respects the time needed for everyone to carry out their own change, but also offers a multifunctional accelerator for the acquisition of the knowledge and behaviours necessary for this change within your organization. This is the purpose of our support approach!

Last month, Mandarine Academy followed the PROSCI training over a period of 3 days. We are proud to announce that Mandarine is now PROSCI certified! An international label, but above all a worldwide recognition of the leader in change management.

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