In this article, learn how Mandarine Academy can help you bridge the digital divide within your business. 

Computer illiteracy : an alarming phenomenon 

The France’s Electronic Communications, Postal and Print media distribution Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) has published its annual Digital Barometer. It measures the evolution of digital practices in France in 2020. In this study, we learn that 66% of French users have daily use of their computer, 73% of their smartphone and 26% of their tablet. 

However, 35% of French users encounter difficulties that prevent them from making full use of digital tools and the Internet. For 18%, this concerns the complete proficiency in the tools. In the U.S, 6 out 10 adults lack basic information and communication technology skills or have no computer experience. These people then find themselves in a situation of computer illiteracy.  

Computer illiteracy can lead to a disabling professional situation. Indeed, updates, technological innovations and new applications are often destabilizing for your employees. This can have a significant impact: lack of efficiency, loss of self-confidence, discouragement, isolation, … 

Mandarine Academy has become aware of this and is committed to the fight against this phenomenon. 

We are convinced that training along with a mix of human and educational support are essential in case of difficulty. Moreover, 56% of French users prefer to be told how to conduct the process themselves rather than us doing it for them. 

That’s why we collaborate with many clients on a daily basis to train and bridge this digital divide among employees.  

What we provide: 

Mandarine Academy is the publisher of the MOOC Office 365 training platform. It provides various resources: learning paths, courses, tutorials, use cases, online sessions to learn autonomously and master all the applications included in Microsoft 365. The platform is accessible 24/7, so users can train whenever wherever. During online sessions, you get to interact with a trainer who will answer any questions you may have. This adds a more human side to the training. 

If you want individual and personal support, then Ecoach is for you. This is a personalized 1h30 online training with a Microsoft 365 expert coach to get the results you want. The coach adapts to the needs of the learner via an analysis of professional practice and delivers different theoretical intakes put in place to practice. The objective of this training is to progress at your own pace and develop more in-depth skills. 

Thanks to the support and training of your employees, they will feel more comfortable and will have the ability to be autonomous with digital tools. 

If you have a training project, we can talk about it now! 

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