The IT director is an essential ally to transform your company towards new digital tools. Its main role is to make the link between production technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT). The IT Director will choose everything related to computer systems from equipment to the choice of software or servers used. It is he/she who, depending on the budget allocated to him/her, will make the tools more or less efficient for his/her employees and will participate in the transformations towards new digital tools.

What is digital transformation?

Called e-transformation or digital transformation, digital transformation is based on the adoption of new technologies within an organization. Indeed, this process aims to use digital technologies to redefine the current mechanism and make it more efficient, faster and/or simpler for employees. These improvements can intervene on various issues such as:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data protection and accessibility
  • Managing pilot projects towards scaling up
  • Monitoring a project and creating new roadmaps
  • HR monitoring and management of teams

A process that is fast and vital

For several years and even more since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the digitalization of the economy has been increasingly felt. Digital changes no longer serve only a marketing interest focused on customers or partners, but on the internal functioning of the company. In particular, it is data management that has proven to be fundamental for a company.

Indeed, these data reflect in a certain way the actions that have worked and the areas for improvement to be put in place. This is why it is primary for the company, supported by its IT Director, to transform its data into actionable information to define a global strategy.

The challenge for the IT Director is no longer simply to use digital technology to make life easier for customers, but also to propose ways to become more productive and efficient for internal teams within the company, thanks to the study of this data.

An evolution at the heart of society

Even though digital transformation is led by the IT Director, it depends entirely on the company’s leaders. It is embodied by a transversal management. Indeed, the IT Director can be the link between the internal and external ecosystem of the company. It is he/she who will orchestrate the transformation, who will be the referent and the responsible in the eyes of the management and its employees.

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