Today we share an interview we had with one of our coworkers, Fanny. She recently obtained the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist certification. In this article, Fanny tells us about her experience and what this certification does for her on a daily basis to support our clients.

Can you tell us about your missions at Mandarine Academy?

So my name is Fanny, I am 23 years old and I am a Customer Success Manager at Mandarine Academy. My role here is to ensure the quality of the relationship between Mandarine Academy and our clients. It also requires supporting our clients in the discovery of our product but also in giving continuous support throughout their experience with us. So it means that not only do I introduce our product and its various features but I also give them keys to enhance this platform with their coworkers, and do regular follow-ups with them to check that the use of the platform is going well and that they have the right means to achieve it.

You have recently earned a certification; Can you tell us about this experience?

So yes, I obtained the « Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist » certification which is the certification aimed at promoting the adoption of Microsoft services in order to improve the employee experience. During this certification we are put in a situation, we have online courses to follow and exams at each end of module and finally a final evaluation. The reason I wanted this certification, was to confirm my knowledge and to see other methods of support than those I already knew.

What did you think of this training? How does it help you in your missions today?

It is a very comprehensive training, based on the richness and quality of the content… There were both reruns of lectures and written analyses. This allows me to open my field of expertise and to support clients I currently manage by providing them quality support.

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