Digital offers a real opportunity to customize training. We hear more and more technical terms: data, persona, personalization, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual assistant, machine learning, adaptive learning, etc. But what do these different concepts really bring?

A unique training programme adapted to each user thanks to digital learning

Before, training was most often given to all employees of a company. Today, digital technology makes it possible to revolutionize this choice of training by taking into account the precise needs of users,  in terms of knowledge or business. All the concepts offered today by digital make it possible to adapt its educational content at the right time to the right person and on the right channel thanks to a thorough knowledge of each user.

To start customizing user training, work must be done beforehand. It results from the analysis of all users, their daily use of the tools, and their role-job. This will lead you to the creation of personas. To successfully customize your users’ training, it is essential not to forget this step because if it is not done beforehand, your customization will not have the desired effect.

Personalization should be seen as a strategy to be implemented in your digital transformation project. Customization must meet the specific training needs of users through a training path that is unique and adapted to each individual.

Supporting users: a tool for every need

As a training actor and aware of the arrival of these new digital concepts and the importance of personalization, we have put in place the necessary tools to enable our customers to personalize the learning paths. We have added highly targeted content on different role-job (assistant, project manager, manager, sales representative, etc.). This content makes it possible to train users on their new tools around concrete everyday situations.

We have also improved our Mandarine Academy training platform by allowing us to define different user profiles. For each profile, a list of resources, courses and paths is associated, allowing the most appropriate content to be targeted for these users. Each resource can be associated with one or more profiles.

It is also possible to give access to all content, which is why in this case, no profile will be created and he will access the entire platform.

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