Hybrid work is a form of work organization where employees divide their time between the office and home. This mode of organization has already existed for several years, but it has been strengthened with the health crisis. Companies then had to review their organizational model and think about new ways of collaborating.  

According to a Gartner study in 2021, 51% of employees are to work in a hybrid environment with a minimum of one day of telework per week

But what does a hybrid worker day look like? 

First of all, employees spend 1h40 a day processing emails. This figure is higher among managers (2h24) and managers (3h40). In addition to wasting considerable time, emails divert the concentration of individuals. These emails consume an average of 2 hours of employees’ « daily concentration time ». A study showed that it then took an average of 30 seconds to regain your concentration following the receipt of an unread notification, 3 minutes after reading an email, 5 minutes after sending it. 

To avoid being distracted, some emails are never opened. It is estimated that 27% of internal emails are never read. In addition, some messages never receive replies. Some are important. 

Then, employees spend a lot of time attending meetings, especially online. According to the barometer of digital uses and disconnection, more than 4 out of 10 meetings last more than 1h30. However, these meetings are often considered a waste of time because they are not well prepared in advance. 

To no longer be in this situation, it is important to know your tools in order to be effective in person or remotely. 

So how do you get organized? Some ways to help you become more productive 

First, set rules in your inbox to automate the processing of your emails. The rules allow you to manage your emails by avoiding certain actions that you repeat often. This will save you time and be able to respond to emergencies more quickly. 

Here are 2 video tutorials allowing you to set up these rules:

In addition, prepare your meeting in advance. Try to clearly define the agenda and the topics to be discussed at that time. It is also important to invite only the concerned people for the smooth running of that meeting, so as not to waste the time of other employees.  

In this way, you will be more efficient, whether face-to-face or remotely. 

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