Thanks to the emergence of digital technology, more companies want to adapt to new uses and accelerate their digital transformation. Digital transformation refers to the process that allows companies to integrate all available digital technologies into their business. This technological breakthrough involves the installation of new systems and the handling of innovative tools. Digital technology gives the opportunity to reduce administrative tasks, exploit data, communicate better, and gain a competitive advantage. It is then important to support this change in the company.

According to IDC France, by mid-2020, 70% of large companies and 53% of SMEs have embarked on their digital transformation. Covid-19 has also played a role as a contrasting agent in the field. 

A digital transformation that is sometimes difficult to drive and succeed 

Some companies have defined a digital transformation strategy, but its implementation is sometimes difficult to drive and succeed. If the IT department must manage the technical aspect, HR must ensure that the tools are utilized by the teams, in particular by creating a new corporate culture.  

Many companies don’t drive the cultural changes needed to take full advantage of their IT infrastructure. They are reluctant to take risks when it is necessary to innovate. 

The digital transformation of companies sometimes raises the reluctance of managers who show a lack of knowledge or ability to master new technologies and who feel the non-necessity. They also find that investing in digital technology requires too much investment in budgetary terms. 

The keys to the success of digital transformation 

For change to be effective, it is necessary to make the team adhere to the objectives set. This consists of motivating members as well as training and preparing them to welcome the digital transformation at the level of the internal organization. 

Change management is a crucial step and the company must make every effort to make its employees and team aware of new practices. It is then necessary to improve its internal organization, with a more collaborative and human way of working, a relationship with its employees focused on innovation and a much faster and immense data processing. The company must allow its employees to develop their skills and adopt new work tools from digital technology.  

Change management, employee monitoring, clear explanations, education are key to a successful digital transformation. 

Support, a strategic point for a successful digital transformation  

Support is a good opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of your company. Get it at reasonable prices with a good return on investment. Digital experts have specialized in specific fields to better train their clients. 

Proper training of employees is essential to develop best practices within the company. It is a matter of building a custom roadmap for services, but also advising and supporting managers and teams. 

To start, employees must be made aware of the challenges and vision of internal digitalization and then be trained on new tools and new technologies.  

Platforms dedicated to maximizing the adoption rate of digital tools exist; they help users overcome any difficulties. 

Would you like support on all digital tools? 

We have the solution for you!  

We are experts in change management and we have several support solutions to train you on digital tools. 

Our DiLeaP support solution is a totally dedicated and customizable training platform that allows you to customize your training according to the company’s business needs. 

The DiLeaP platform is the ideal solution to support users in real time with a personalization of messages, a graphic charter adapted to that of the company as well as a set of training. In addition to its wide choice of training content, the platform provides a set of personalization, education, communication but also consulting services.  

The DiLeaP platform motivates learners to hone their skills by providing a dashboard that displays the courses and learning paths taken and gamification that reinforces motivation with badges and points. You have the possibility to communicate on the different training courses thanks to the communication module of the platform. Our teams help you realize your communication plan. 

You will be able to enhance learning in real time thanks to a measurement of the commitment of your employees, the follow-up of training, registrations, and evaluations. 

Our support solution the Adoption Booster boosts the use of digital tools in maximum 3 months. We meet your needs, and we support you in the implementation of your projects.  

The proposed support is based on an Agile project framework to define rhythms and performance indicators, while adapting the program as it is executed. 

The Adoption Booster is conducted on a short program, based on efficiency and adaptation as the program progresses. There is a permanent follow-up of the objectives throughout the program by one of our « Adoption Managers ». You also have unlimited access to our platform with lots of quality content and resources covering all Microsoft 365 topics. 

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