The Mandarine Academy platform developed around Microsoft Office 365 was designed to facilitate Office 365 adoption by allowing the user take personal control of their own training.
The platform is made up of variety of resources accessible at any given time by the user:

  • Scenario based use cases, to help discover the benefits of the software
  • Tutorials, providing a more technical overview of the applications
  • Courses, grouping together similar subject use case scenarios, tutorials and especially live training access with a trainer via web conference.
  • Learning paths, grouping together different courses on the same theme
  • Yammer social network to share experiences.

Going forward, the user will be advised of his training options, through the use of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence, which in the field of training is called adaptive learning.

The principle is simple, but its implementation is quite complex. Microsoft’s teams from Seattle to Paris worked with us to integrate Microsoft’s cognitive services.
We have designed a learning model that is based on the different teaching resources we offer, the interactions with these resources and data analysis of referenced content made by thousands upon thousands of unique users using the MOOC Office 365. We started off by teaching the artificial intelligence engine our model. Once set up and in place we proceeded to test the model and then opened doors to the service, which is now seamlessly integrated.
Based on the consulted data analysis from different users and profiles, a percentage based course recommendation is proposed. As users consult the platform more frequently, the content choice becomes more relevant which in turn helps to fine tune courses recommended to them.

The new platform feature functionalities are now yours to discover. Create an account in a matter of seconds, and access most of our training content for free.
You will start to regularly discover new enhanced features in the platform based on Microsoft Artificial Intelligence such as selective Learning path recommendations coming out shortly.

See you soon on MOOC Office 365!

For more information on our offers, please contact us at contact@mandarine.academy