Many companies are investing colossal sums to undertake their digital transition. But many projects are doomed to failure. Less than 1 in 6  digital transformation initiatives are successful. This is explained by the fact that companies rely on tools and do not take into account the work of integrating change into the overall strategy of the company. 

In this article, we give you 5 tips to help you succeed in your digital transformation.  

Tip #1: Define your strategy before you start. 

The company must first qualify and quantify its medium-term objectives, taking into account the organizational context but also the technological and structural limitations. 

Then, it is necessary to define a global vision of its digital transformation. To do this, it is necessary to identify: 

  • The mechanics and levers of growth to achieve its objectives 
  • The actions to be implemented 
  • Possible organizational impacts 

Without a clear and shared vision of the project, it will not work. 

Tip #2: Identify the resistance of your employees.

Change is sometimes difficult to accept. Individuals tend to resist when they feel change is a threat to their work and comfort. 

When employees perceive digital transformation as a threat, they may consciously or unconsciously resist change. It is essential for leaders to recognize these fears and to emphasize the challenges and benefits of digital transformation for the company and its employees. It is then essential to sensitize individuals at the beginning of the project. 

Tip #3: Raise awareness and train your employees

To think that this is only a technical project is a mistake: users must be placed at the heart of the project. They are the ones who will experience change and use the tools on a daily basis. That is why it is important to raise their awareness and train them. 

First of all, even before the change happens, you must inform your employees. Then, it is necessary to develop a shared vision and raise awareness on the challenges of digitalization. Everyone must understand the reasons and consequences of this change to integrate and accept it. 

Continuously training your employees in the adoption of new tools is fundamental. Many training platforms are available. Mandarine Academy provides the MOOC Office 365 training platform to take on and master the tools of the Microsoft 365 solution. 

Tip #4: Deploy the necessary tools 

Deploying all the tools simultaneously without communicating  the purpose and use for each of them is the safest way to fail. Gradual integration in simple and well-explained steps to employees will increase your chances of adoption. 

Tip #5: Measure your actions 

Define relevant KPIs that will allow you to regularly measure adoption and adapt your actions. By evaluating your initiatives, you will then be able to readjust your strategy, if necessary, continue your momentum or put more effort into achieving your goals. 

If you have a digital transformation project, we provide change management services. To find out more, contact us! 

See you soon at Mandarine Academy!   

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