This week we are starting a series of articles to introduce you to the Booster Adoption based on our DiLeaP platform. Today, we are going to talk to you about this support solution to deploy your digital transformation project quickly and efficiently.

The Booster Adoption is a solution that combines a platform dedicated to the handling of new technologies and personalized support to accelerate the adoption of new uses.

Why this support ?

A previous article on support for change was provided and you can find it here. In this article we highlighted the need for an action plan to define the different stages of your transformation project. We also saw together the need to support employees to make IT projects more meaningful.

Our support takes full account of the human component to maximize the probability of success of your projects. To do this, we manage with you the resistances that may arise by showing education and methodology. To help you achieve your various goals, Mandarine Academy helps secure your budget and project time.

What we provide :

We are convinced that every employee should be supported to take charge of the new computer tools. We are deploying this solution to make digital tools accessible to everyone.

We focus our support actions on three important elements.

The first is the speed of adoption. Indeed, it is important to quickly deploy the solution to employees. With this in mind, we provide agile sprints, rhythmic and intense moments adapted to the different needs of users.

The second element is the number of users who have adopted the solution. It is important to deploy the solution to a significant number of users. Our training is based on the agile method and our actions adapt to your project and promote the harmonization of working methods within the teams.

Finally, the last key element is efficiency in the use of the solution. Users rely on good practices and use cases to get the most out of the new solution deployed.

Our library provides different content on all the apps included in Microsoft Office 365. As a result, employees have access to resources to strengthen their knowledge of different tools. They also find concrete professional situations to meet needs directly related to business skills.

The Booster Adoption solution :

It is a short program, lasting up to three months with regular contacts to make adjustments throughout the project deployment.

One of our Adoption Managers supports you to define and follow the different objectives set.

You have unlimited access to all content. From the resource library, you choose what content to share with your employees. You also have the option to add your own content to this dedicated platform.

Next week, we will publish a new article to talk about the agile methods we are putting in place for this support. We will also talk about communication around your digital transformation projects.

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