Do you hear about web conferencing and have doubts about its effectiveness?

After reading this article, you will be the first to recommend this training method.

What is web conferencing?

In concrete terms, web conferencing allows you to connect with your collaborators remotely via a virtual platform, while avoiding the travel of participants who, instead of physically meeting in one place, will only have to connect from their desks to the virtual meeting.

Participants must be properly equipped to participate in a web conference, they only need to be equipped with a computer and good access to the Internet.

But why web conferencing and not video conferencing? Because web conferencing is a more complete tool than videoconferencing for exchanging documents live.

Communicating remotely has never been easier!

Why use it?

Septic with the use of web conferencing? Here are some of the advantages!

  • Time saving: Your employees do not have to travel, they do not waste time to go to a place, the web conferencing is done at the place where they are
  • Economy: No travel or room rental costs are to be expected
  • Zero travel: Your employees stay in one place, a perfect solution if you have employees spread over several sites.
  • Paper saving (CSR)
  • No investment in equipment: a simple computer and an internet connection is required.

How to get organized? How to exchange?

Web conferencing tools offer several advantages:

  • Scheduling management, meeting invitation: create appointments easily with Outlook by integrating the web conferencing link
  • Audio and video link: you have the possibility with web conferencing to hear but also to see your collaborators and get as close as possible to remote people.
  • Virtual whiteboard: write, draw, and exchange with a virtual whiteboard
  • Application and document sharing: share your screen and documents with your employees in real time
  • Instant messaging: chat live with them
  • Recording and archiving: record the meeting easily

Work without going to the office, organize virtual meetings, facilitate exchanges, save time… Next-generation teleworking solutions are revolutionizing business life and boosting productivity.

Convinced? How about training your employees via web conferencing?

Training and Web conferencing?

With the advantages of web conferencing, why not use this method to train your employees? Reduce training costs and interact live with a trainer without having to travel.

Would you like to test the web conferencing training?

Meet us on our MOOC Office 365 training platform, and participate in a web conferencing session with our expert trainers!

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