Working modes are changing, and collaborative tools are becoming increasingly important in many companies.

Moreover, the health crisis and lockdown have accentuated this development by sometimes making these tools indispensable to effectively pursue the activity of remote teams.

For these reasons, today we introduce Microsoft’s Teams tool: a digital workspace available on your computer and phone, to communicate as a team from a single platform.

Teams, the collaborative tool par excellence:

Put the long exchanges of emails between colleagues behind us… and say hello to instant chats thanks to the notifications system!

The Teams messaging platform responds to the need for communication of employees and has several advantages. It is an intuitive and complete tool. It allows you to create channels, focus groups to share content and store files. You can also schedule and conduct your meetings remotely.

Another advantage when you want to improve collaboration in your company is that Teams is a unifying tool for teams.

Focus groups are common spaces that promote employee cohesion and reinforce a sense of belonging to the company.

As far as work tools are concerned, Teams is integrated into the Office suite. As a result, if you know the Office 365 suite, you will not be out of place.

So we find Powerpoint, Excel, Word … PowerBI, One Drive and Sharepoint.

Diagram of Teams’ adoption in business in recent years:

This diagram provides the result of a survey of companies on the use of Microsoft Office 365 tools in July 2017 and January 2019.

Here, we see a strong evolution in the use of the Teams tool. Indeed, it was used up to 49% in 2017, and this rate rose to 79% in 2019.

This study shows that companies are now emphasizing on improving collaboration and productivity by focusing on the use of Teams.

This year, the Covid-19 epidemic and the development of telework around the world have increased the number of users on the platform.

A free tool for several months:

To help companies effectively deploy telecommuting, Microsoft Teams has announced the free tool for Office 365 users for six months.

At the beginning of March 2020, Teams registered an additional 12 million users. The total number is now 44 million users worldwide.

This flexible and reliable working tool is very interesting for businesses. However, it is necessary to allow time for adaptation and training to master it.

In fact, many of you have contacted us to ask us for educational resources on the use of Teams. To meet this new demand, we have prepared specific content for you.

Our courses to get going quickly and easily with this tool:

In solidarity with companies since the beginning of the health crisis, we provide free courses on the use of the Teams tool. Many of you have taken these courses, and to meet your request we have extended the training sessions every week.

We also provide other learning paths targeted at this tool on the MOOC Office 365.

Some courses require a MOOC Office Business license. This license allows you to access all resources on all applications included in Office 365 for one year.

To view the MOOC Office Business license page, visit here.

You can also get your own license, on our online shop.

Integrating collaborative tools into your business:

If you want to develop the implementation of Teams in your company, we can support you in a personalized way to deploy it in your teams.

We provide specialized training for your employees to help them develop good practices in order to master this tool and get more out of it.

Please contact us to tell us about your project.

See you soon!