Today, change is permanent, and companies must constantly challenge themselves to remain competitive in their fields.

To maximize the chances of a successful change in the company, it is important to prepare and anticipate the different phases of the project carefully, by involving the employees.

Why be supported?

The support for change allows to target all the needs around the project, to define a method and means according to the objectives set.

Education is necessary to understand the fears and resistances of the teams. Knowing the opinions and needs of employees can serve the project and highlight the need to make these changes.

It is important to have in mind that of course, change will raise resistance because it is human to be afraid of the unknown.

Mobilizing employees:

To succeed in the change project, it is essential to take into account the expectations of employees who are often at the forefront of the changes that have been made. Communication and transparency are needed to limit resistance to change.

Ideally, the coworker participates and co-builds the project. This helps to identify fears and make more sense of this transformation. It is important to value the project by explaining the needs and advantages for each employee over the long term.

Encouraging exchange and communication around these changes allows users to feel involved as stakeholders. In this way, employees who fully embrace this change can become project leaders and true ambassadors within the company.

Your plan for successful change:

As we discussed, the success of the project is the result of good preparation and consideration of the human being as well as the technical and technological needs of the company. Tools can be used to organize the various stages and to communicate with employees during the implementation of the various changes.

It is also a matter of common sense and questioning by taking the necessary step back to assess the situation throughout the deployment of the project.

Mandarine Academy’s support for change:

For the past twelve years, we have been supporting business transformation projects of all sizes. We provide our expertise and adapt our methods to carry out the changes desired by companies.

To accelerate the adoption of digital uses around Office 365 tools, we provide Booster Adoption Office 365. This solution is based on:

  • An approach focused on agile methods, starting with a short program over a few months to deploy digital solutions.
  • Personalized support, throughout the duration of the program, to follow the project’s progress step by step.

Interested? Find all the details of the Booster Adoption Office 365.

To be supported, you may reach us directly to tell us about your project and your needs. Contact us.

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