06Innovation, investment, transformation: these are the priorities that companies have been pursuing today since the start of digital transformation twenty years ago. Digital transformation affects everyone, all sectors, large and small. Positioned as a strong player accompanying the digital transformation of companies by facilitating the appropriation and use of new technology by all employees, our IT change management sector is also affected by this digital transformation. Reinventing our model was therefore essential in this context.

Transforming our model

In April 2016, we launched the digital transformation of Mandarine and our platform has gained a very important weight in our business model. We completely redesigned our platform which was built around a powerful logistics engine for the organization of accompanying training and communication with an interface that we can qualify as simplistic, especially when we look at it now, giving access only to the content of training and access to session connection information.

By analysing our feedback and the training market, we have come to the conclusion that users must be in control of their support. Each individual must be trainined at his own pace. Some will prefer to discover the uses, and then fend for themselves. Others will want to find specific information quickly, and then turn to short video tutorials. Finally, some will wish to exchange, either directly with an expert or via a social network. We then rebuilt the platform by putting the user first and by building platform on our change management experiences.

For us, people are at the heart of change. Thanks to our years of web conferencing training experiences, we have integrated web conferencing courses to allow users to interact with an expert trainer for 45 minutes.

nous avons lancé la transformation digitale de Mandarine et notre plateforme a pris un poids très important dans notre modèle économique


A platform adapted to all needs

To redesign this interface, we worked with expert UX consultants, so we could highlight our different training content adapted to all user needs:

  • Courses composed of live training sessions, where the user is free to register on pre-programmed dates on the platform, to come and chat live with a trainer.
  • Learning paths composed of several courses on a theme to completely master a subject
  • Short use case videos to allow each user to discover the uses of their solutions in everyday situations.
  • Video tutorials to find precise and functional information on a tool quickly.

This platform is now highlighted on our flagship IT support: Office 365. (To discover the MOOC Office 365, it’s here).

This change in model has enabled us to achieve over 40% growth in IT change management activity, with over 500,000 users on our public platform, MOOC Office 365, and via our dedicated customer training platforms.

To learn more about our offers and services, discover our range of solutions on our website: http://mandarine.academy/en/

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