Has your organization brought in new technology to improve your performance or promote collaborative work? The appropriation of these digital tools is sometimes difficult for users. Employees must continually adapt to new working methods and tools. Digital adoption requires support to take on new features, or at least, find your working benchmarks with the Microsoft 365 solution.

How to ensure all your teams adopt this new technology? 

Learn about our tips and tools to speed up the user adoption of Microsoft 365 solution.

The platform that boosts the adoption of your Microsoft 365 tools

In the midst of a digital transformation, especially with the Microsoft 365 solution, you are looking for a support platform that is easily accessible online, regardless of the day and time. This is an important issue for many organizations because the usual logistical costs of training are sometimes difficult to bear: the budget can be significant.

The MOOC Office 365 training site meets all of these needs with a catalog dedicated to the Microsoft 365 solution. It’s a cross-company platform, accessible online at any time and easy to use, including a sign-in associated with the Microsoft 365 account.

The MOOC Office 365 team is here to get you quickly acquainted with the new tools and provides training content that adapts to your needs. For instance, you can find short use case videos, based on real-life business scenarios. This helps the user get started with one or more features from Microsoft 365 tools. The platform is built around courses and learning paths to help you master one or more Microsoft 365 tools.

Through a simple and efficient process, we recommend that you follow these few steps to drive the adoption of Microsoft 365 tools:

  • Identify the needs in your organization, in terms of uses and support needs
  • Provide a simple and accessible solution offering a wide choice of training content
  • To go further, suggest targeted training programs to strengthen specific uses

The Microsoft 365 training program is based on the content of the MOOC Office 365.

The dedicated and customizable adoption platform

Are you planning to deploy a new technology, or do you want a foolproof way to get users to adopt the technology already in place, even if begrudgingly? The treatment of the human aspect will be an important component in the adoption of this tool. Limiting resistance to change is an important issue to optimize the ROI of your IT project.

The implementation of the support system will involve a personalization of the messages, the graphic charter but also the training that will be provided. Whatever your application deployment program, DiLeaP represents the solution that adapts to all of these needs.

DiLeaP is able to support you on two axes:

  • The implementation of a dedicated, customizable adoption platform that meets training needs.
  • A set of personalization, educational, communication and consulting services.

The first tips we provide to drive user adoption in your IT project, are the following:

  • Communicate with your teams about the different trainings thanks to the communication module of the platform. Customer Success Managers  help you achieve your communication plan.
  • Measure the commitment of your employees. Monitor training, registration, and evaluation progress by using the various exports made available.
  • Advance each employee and give visibility to involve them in their skills development: The dashboard displays the courses and learning paths attendance; The gamification strengthens motivation with badges and points.
  • Customize the messages you want to convey in the web conferences; These will be taken into account during the design workshop. The educational engineer will integrate them into the training.

A service that accelerates the adoption of uses

Do you want your employees to use the tools put in place when they get started with a new technology? Setting up support around a framework, advice and a catalog of content is a good way to integrate this solution.

The Booster Adoption Office 365 meets all your needs with regular timing, high adaptability, a library of content and support by a Success Adoption Manager.

The Booster Adoption Office 365 guides you in the context of agile projects. It makes it possible to give a constant and reassuring visibility in the implementation of this project in order to promote analysis, adaptation, and continuous improvement.

For a good management of your digital transformation project, we recommend:

  • to organize your project and to communicate it to your employees
  • to develop an educational approach that determines rhythms and performance indicators while adapting to the ongoing needs of the program
  • to ensure continuous monitoring of the objectives throughout the program
  • to get your employees unlimited access to a site with a wide choice of quality content on Microsoft 365 solution

Don’t put off what can be done today! Drive the adoption of the Microsoft 365 solution!

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