On the occasion of the release of two new pages available on the Mandarine Academy website about our new offer and services, we have decided to write this article to tell you about our evolution and introduce our new product

Our Story

For more than 10 years, Mandarine Academy has been supporting companies in the use of new IT tools, whether they are office automation, telephone or business applications. During all these years, our support model has remained the same: digital, with e-learning, and human, with multilingual training on site or remotely via web conferences.

From the beginning, we designed our own logistics tool to manage training. Our offers have then evolved to adapt to customer needs. The speed at which IT tools were changing and/or updating lead to a growing demand for a tool that could enable users to access content when they wanted, customize it and administer it. We have therefore decided to create our own software solution dedicated to the adoption of uses.

From MOOC to Customized Platform

In 2015, we launched the MOOC Office 365 platform which was dedicated to Microsoft Office 365 training. Four years later, this offer is still available in our catalog and still meets the needs of small businesses wishing to provide access to training on Office 365 tools to their users. The platform, which is accessible with a license, also provides access to an administration space allowing one or more administrators to manage the purchased user licenses.

Then, in 2016, key clients and mid-size companies still needed a customization and administration solution. To meet this need, we launched the dedicated version of the MOOC Office 365 platform: MOOC Custom. This training platform is customizable and administrable in terms of platform design, content and administration.

Discover DiLeaP

This year, we went even further to offer our clients and future clients a support platform which boosts the adoption of new uses: DiLeaP, for “digital leap”. DiLeaP has features that we have designed, tools which promote the adoption of uses and it even benefits from Mandarine Academy’s training content catalog.

DiLeaP supports you from communication to user training. If you want to find out more about these features, visit the DiLeaP website! You can also try our customizable training platform for free to accelerate the development of new uses by clicking here.

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