Some people talk of Articial Intelligence (AI) as a future technology, either painting a picture of utopia with machines doing all our menial tasks and robot surgeons working 24/7 saving children or at the other end of the spectrum with doomsday predictions (looking at you Elon) but AI is not the technology of the future, it is the technology of right now.

AI is around us, you probably have used it today, asking a question of a digital personal assistant like Siri, Amazon suggesting a product to buy or you have made a credit card transaction, all of which have AI at their core, every time you make a purchase online, card companies use AI to look at spending patterns to determine if a transaction is fraudulent. Artificial Intelligence is working for us every day.

Far from the doomsday scenario of the robots rising up and taking over AI is going to achieve its best results (at least within the near future) when it assists a human task when it helps make things more intuitive and easier to use.

The learning sector is starting to explore AI, whether in automatically grading assignments, identifying where students struggle or by adapting course and learning paths for individual learners making them more relevant and more engaging. Stanford University and the University of Washington are working on an AI-powered tutoring system, leveraging reinforced learning to tell if its current curriculum is enabling all students to learn well, and then asking people questions to self-optimize the system. Content Technologies, Inc is leveraging Deep Learning, to custom assemble textbooks for students. And Third Space Learning has built a platform that gives real-time feedback to help online tutors become better at teaching, the system detects whether learning patterns in students highlighting if there is a misunderstanding of a topic by a single student or a group of students.

At Mandarine Academy we are building Artificial Intelligence into our platform too, helping business learners achieve their goals faster. With users all over the world, the platform recognises the user’s language and presents the courses in their local tongue. And the platform examines a user’s previous experience to create a unique learning path tailored just for them. We continue to push what AI can do to help our customers.

For those of you lucky enough to be in Paris for the Microsoft Experiences’17: The Digital Intelligence Event, on the 3rd and 4th of October, you can see this in action at the AI Hackademy, where we will be running demonstrations and giving people the chance to experience it for themselves.

We are only at the tip of the iceberg of what AI will achieve but it’s great to be a part of that, with Mandarine Academy leading the way.

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