The covid 19 crisis has completely changed the business world and the way we work. To continue to be productive, companies have had to implement teleworking and accelerate their digital transformation. The IT sector has played a key role during the Covid 19 crisis. Out of a panel of 300 IT departments worldwide, 78% believe the pandemic has had a « serious or major » impact on their organization. IT has had to manage the transfer of remote teams during this pandemic. There were many concerns, in particular the state of the private network, the decline in productivity, technical breakdowns and security. 

What has been the role of IT during the pandemic and what did this crisis incur?  

The role of IT during the pandemic  

Teleworking has disrupted the organization of companies during the crisis. The majority of companies were not ready for this change and had to put everything in place in order to continue to be productive remotely while protecting the health of their employees. 

IT departments have had to provide employees with digital tools so they can easily work remotely, connect to company resources, communicate, and collaborate with their team members. This required the installation of software and applications necessary for the proper functioning of the teams, including an instant messaging system, videoconferencing, document sharing,  etc. 

Companies had to adapt quickly, and some tools were chosen in a hurry. In addition, employees are often poorly trained; tools waste more time and reduce productivity. 

The IT department has also strengthened its cybersecurity strategy during this crisis to deal with cyberattacks. To do this, it must implement a security policy for access to company resources, implement a data backup and restoration strategy but also raise employees’ awareness of the risks of cyberattacks. 

Today, IT must sort through and opt for solutions that allow everything to be grouped together in a single secure digital space. This is called the digital Workplace. 

The contributions of this crisis for IT 

IT departments now know the importance of putting in place procedures, resources, and schedules to be ready for future challenges. They are now able to act urgently and adapt to several situations such as pandemics, cyberattacks, changing needs,  etc. They know that it is possible to change the way key services and processes work in a truly brief time.  

76% of French IT sectors say that the approval of digital transformation projects has accelerated sharply from more than a year to just a few weeks thanks to digital, and 74% say that important digital transformation projects have been implemented in a few weeks instead of several months or years. 

Change management 

Change management is the set of operations conducted within a company in order to adapt to change and the evolution of the environment. 

It involves taking into account the human dimension, corporate values, and culture as well as resistance to change.  

To successfully meet the new challenges brought by the pandemic, IT can use digital experts to support a company’s staff throughout their transformation. Experts understand the importance and urgency of innovation and are able to think creatively and technically to find solutions to problems.

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