A few months ago, one of our change consultants told us about the Prosci training, and change management, which is at the heart of Mandarine Academy’s business (if you haven’t seen the article, it’s here). Today, it’s Nicolas’s turn. He is also a change consultant at Mandarine and he answered some questions about this certification and what it brings him on a daily basis to support our client.

1. Hello Nicolas, can you introduce yourself and explain your background?

Graduated in web development, I joined Mandarine as a Cloud Technician, then I joined the team of trainers in change management.

2. What is your role today at Mandarine?

Since 2016, I have been a consultant in change management. My role is to support and advise our clients on the Change Management aspect throughout their digital transformation projects. I support them by creating with them the change management strategy, which is then deployed.

3. Can you tell us about the Prosci training you just completed?

The PROSCI method is based on 20 years of research on change management practices. It combines a solid methodology, tools (ADKAR) and practices to help companies manage the human side of change.

It is composed of 3 main phases: Preparing for change, Managing change and Strengthening change. Throughout these 3 phases, the ADKAR tool makes it possible to evaluate the 5 steps through which the human being must pass in order for a change to be effective, the results of which will trigger action plans:

  • Awareness: this is the step that helps to understand why change is necessary.
  • Desire:  this is the stage where we make people want to change.
  • Knowledge: it’s the training step on the new solution.
  • Ability: this is the stage where the individual is able to implement change in his or her daily life
  • Reinforcement: these are the actions that allow change to continue over time.

4. What did you expect from the training before you started?

Our objective is to make our support methodology more effective in order to better support our clients. PROSCI training was therefore obvious to achieve this objective, it is THE international reference in change management.

5. What does change management mean to you today, after completing the training?

It is a discipline that aims to prepare and assist individuals, teams and organizations in organizational change.

Within a project, change management is the application of a structured process and a set of tools to lead the human component of change to achieve the desired result. We now work with organizations from the beginning to the end of the decided change. Our training platforms are at the heart of our methodology and allow users to train at their own pace by having the resources that correspond to their needs thanks to the PROSCI methodology and tools.


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