Change management is at the heart of Mandarine Academy’s business. To talk about it today, Hubert, one of our change management consultants:

1. Hello Hubert, can you introduce yourself and explain your background?

I was a teacher and I joined Mandarine as a trainer before working mainly on the pedagogical design of our training courses.

2. What is your role today at Mandarine?

I have always been very sensitive to the accompaniment of people in their journey. I became a consultant in change management quite… naturally. Thanks to the confidence of the team manager, I joined the team in 2017.

3. What is the approach / method used at Mandarine?

When I joined the team, my colleagues had not wait for me to set up tools to support the change of different organizations. However, we have realized that new collaborative tools have an increasingly strong impact on the organizational functioning of companies to take full advantage of new uses. We had to set up a new methodology to support change.

The decision was made to adopt an effective methodology to better support the teams. It had become obvious. The other obvious thing to do was to turn to PROSCI and ADKAR methods: an essential reference in this field. I have documented myself, read a lot, joined the certification program, followed webinars and continues to train continuously. We can now offer even more elaborate, controlled, monitored and proactive support aimed at making the constraints of change an opportunity for evolution.

4. What are the best practices for initiating change?

ADKAR! The ADKAR tool, an acronym emblematic of the PROSCI method, stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.
We are currently working to stay with organizations from the beginning to the end of the change. Before the change, during the change and after the change until the new uses expected from the companies are adopted. It’s simple to say… but more complicated in reality! Our platforms are therefore at the heart of our methodology. Users can be trained at their own pace, anywhere and at any time, while having resources corresponding to their daily needs and uses.

5. Are there any barriers?

Of course, resistance to change is the most natural thing in the world. It manifests itself at all levels of the organization consciously, sometimes with more or less intentions, but also unconsciously and here again we have to look at the problem with the ADKAR method helps to identify the difficulties. The huge database resulting from the PROSCI study also provides very relevant answers.

6. What are the keys to success for you to support the change of a project?

There are 5 keys…… I’ll let you find them….. It’s obvious! ADKAR! In a few words, change management is considered as a process of accompaniment leading individuals and by extension the organization (according to its state of maturity) from a current state to a future state. Change only occurs if each individual changes and integrates the change process. The PROSCI method is composed of 3 phases deploying precise action plans, revealed by the ADKAR tool. For me and for Mandarine, this is the key to success in change management.

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