You may not know it yet, but you’re already using artificial intelligence. Far from the science fiction movies’ vision, this technology continues to take up more space in our lives, in order to facilitate the use of certain tools. A novelty that continues to seduce, since the artificial intelligence (AI) market  is increasing. With a value of 200 million dollars (USD) in 2015, this technology could exceed 90 billion dollars (USD) by 2025. It is fundamental to know this new tool that allows us to rethink our relationship with robotics.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 🤔

It was in the 1950s that artificial intelligence was born thanks to two American scientists: John McCarthy and Marvin Lee Minsky. They define it both  as « the construction of computer programs » that attempt to copy the complex mechanisms of the human brain. It is with the aim of creating a system allowing « perceptual learning, the organization of memory and critical reasoning » that artificial intelligence is born. « Intelligence » corresponds to human abilities but which nevertheless remain « artificial » because they come from a machine devoid of consciousness.

A very futuristic vision at the time but in which we live fully today.

1. Artificial Intelligence keeps us safe 🔐

Just like smartphones, facial recognition is also used to ensure your daily safety. Adopted by video surveillance systems in China or the United States, this tool makes it possible to identify and locate a crime or an offense in progress in order to report it more quickly. These monitoring systems operate on a mathematical model that allows up to 500 million digits to be counted.

But  Artificial intelligence can also protect companies from attacks on the web. AI has the advantage of being able to list all known cyberattacks on a global scale. As a result, it succeeds in detecting attacks immediately. But artificial intelligence can also be combined with machine learning. Indeed, some companies provide specific software to detect a cyberattack while improving, to counter those that have not yet been created.

Artificial Intelligence can even make it possible to create a security process within companies. Whether through retinal or fingerprints analysis, its biometric information could be used to control back and forth in the company, for instance.

2. It helps increase productivity 💪

You’re already familiar with the voice control feature, but you may use it very little in your daily life. However, this form of Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to transform oral queries into mechanical actions. In other words, you can instruct your computer to write or contact your customers by simply telling your office assistant. It is a way to gain speed by performing several tasks at once.

This robotic thinking process also has less obvious but vital features in our work environment:

  • Almost instant translation of texts
  • Recommendations for targeted searches based on the data collected in the browsing history
  • Automatic detection and sorting of your emails: between Spam, promotions, social networks or main mailbox
  • Personalized response suggestions based on the content of the email

It’s a set of features that helps all employees be more efficient and productive on a daily basis.

3. And search customization ✍️

Based on the analysis of our data, AI adapts all of our tools to our image, and shows us only the information we want to see. This complex algorithm is used in particular by search engines such as Google. Indeed, the multinational uses a system of mini robots responsible for analyzing and sorting each element on the web. Thus, when a user performs a search, it is the articles with a higher score that will be displayed in priority. It is on this same principle of « filters » that social networks like LinkedIn work. Everyone studies our online experience in order to offer us content that we like.

Personalization can also be done through our location, or at least through the data collected by our IP address. For example, merchant sites can use AI during advertising campaigns to target users who are close to their sales areas and therefore more likely to buy.

Finally,  whether in personal or professional life, the Artificial intelligence becomes more effective, and is anchored in our daily lives without us even noticing it. In a way, this tool makes it possible to improve the collection, analysis and sorting of information in order to study it and be more efficient in decision-making.

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