Launched in 2016, our MOOC Office 365 training platform has evolved in two years. Between the new interface evolutions, and the new functionalities, let us explain in detail all the possibilities offered, today, by our Office 365 training platform.

Enable users to appropriate their new office 365 tools

A computer change is very disruptive for a user. His work habits are changing and he must relearn with new tools to perform his daily tasks, to become as productive as before or more. It is very likely that resistance will develop during a computer change. Why change tools? What’s in it for me? How to use them?

Each company must prepare for all these questions. An IT change project that does not take the user into account is doomed to failure, and will not achieve the expected rate of return. Aware of this challenge, in 2016, we developed a user support platform to facilitate the use of the Office 365 suite solutions.

Our objectives are still the same today:

  • Develop uses to allow users to be efficient in using the solution
  • To accompany to limit the support to the use on the applications
  • Anticipate frequent software updates by updating our resources to support the user throughout the life of the solution
  • Effective training thanks to a wide choice of subjects and a wealth of content
  • Make resources accessible at any time, and unlimited

A 100% digital and human training solution

Also aware of the training costs and the heavy organization that training requires, we have decided to offer a format that revolutionizes traditional training by mixing digital and human relations. Within a 100% online training platform, we give thousands of users the opportunity to follow distance training courses, live with an expert solutions trainer through web conferencing.

In order to allow the best possible appropriation to the users, many resources compose the platform.

1. Thematic and job role learning paths and courses

Our platform is composed of 22 learning paths and 55 courses, and continues to be enriched each month on new topics of the Office 365 suite. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Sway and many more…

A course includes several courses on specific topics. As for the courses, they are always composed of several resources: live webconference sessions, use case videos, video tutorials, as well as access to a recording of a past webconference.

2. Live training session led by an expert trainer

Each course allows you to register for a live session with an expert trainer. Many sessions are scheduled throughout the month, and allow the day of the session to exchange with a trainer and other participants. No travel is to be expected, users only need a computer connected to the Internet and a telephone to reach the trainer, see his screen, and interact with him.

3 . A social network to exchange good practices

We have opened a Yammer network in relation with the platform in order to create a space for the exchange of good practices. This network, accessible by everyone, now has more than 1,500 members who have the opportunity to ask questions about Office 365 uses, exchange on new products and share tips and tricks related to Office 365 products. Our entire team is ready to inform you, answer your questions and discuss your uses with you.

4. Use case scenarios

Probably the biggest problem during an IT change is to resume your daily habits with the new tools made available. For this, we have created a short video format highlighting a daily situation and how Office 365 tools can respond to it. Take an example, you are late and you have to tell your colleagues that you will be late for the meeting. You’ll find out how Skype can help you reach them quickly, all in a video less than 3 minutes long.

5. Tutorials

To get a more technical help on an office application functionality, we have available in the « Tutorials » part of the platform, a database of 600 videos available on the whole Office 365 suite.

6. A gamification system

In order to evaluate knowledge, we set up a gamification. The more users view content, the more they earn badges (bronze, silver and, gold). Gradually, we are also starting to make quizzes and interactive videos available to users.

7. AI for the adoption of uses

We have developed a recommendation engine based on an artificial intelligence system. This system makes it possible to adapt to user profiles, and to propose relevant resources to involve the learner and increase his interest. All this while adapting to your learning pace and taking into account the level of knowledge. In the training sector, this is what we call adaptive learning.

To discover all the features of MOOC Office 365, discover our short video, or go on the platform to test the resources for free simply by connecting.

To contact us: information@mandarine.academy