Training has long been considered a secondary element when selling software licenses, as it can be as complicated to organize as it is to coordinate. In the age of the Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS), even the simple addition of new Office 365 services such as Yammer, Teams or Skype for Business, requires user support if you want good adoption.

Companies benefit from greater efficiency when they adopt new services. However, their implementation can be disrupted by end-user disengagement. Resistant to change and somehow frightened by new technologies, end-users may take time to perceive the potential benefits of new services. In return, low adoption rates will have an impact on the company’s business.

Fortunately, good change management and easy access to comprehensive training can turn reluctant end users into change champions, thus facilitating the entire change process.

Presentation of the MOOC Office 365 by Mandarine Academy

Mandarine Academy’s MOOC Office 365 training portal is an online learning platform that offers both scheduled web conferencing training sessions, allowing full and live interaction with our expert trainers. This learning method encourages end-users to adopt new technologies while eliminating travel.

The platform consists of over 50 courses, 77 use case videos and 553 video tutorials; learners become champions of change, working smarter and faster than ever.

We also offer fully customized training solutions on Office 365 and other solutions, depending on your needs.

1. Value for the user

Training brings real added value to the user. You can help them understand the value of their new solution, and give them the benefits of using them much faster, while reducing friction and resistance on their part.

2. Differentiation

Change management is becoming a critical focus for many companies undergoing digital transformation.
By integrating training into your Office 365 migration project, you no longer only change IT solutions, you offer much more value, you help your business change, while remaining sustainable.

3. Satisfied? Renew

Our subscription and licensing system ensures that the training cycle is uninterrupted. A year? Three years? Five years? You have the possibility to choose to renew or not the subscription of your users, even to make it evolve. We are, in fact, aware that your training needs evolve, so we remain at your disposal for each renewal to upgrade your subscription by adding or removing services.

End-user adoption is achieved through highly relevant, innovative and recurrent training. To learn more about our offers or to discuss your training needs with us, contact us at the following address: information@mandarine.academy.