According to a barometer recently published by the French Ministry of the Economy, SMEs and very small enterprises (VSEs) in France have made progress in terms of digitalization compared to pre-Covid-19 crisis trends: Two-thirds (66%) of the 2,796 companies with less than 250 employees have a website to date, compared to 37% before the crisis.  Also, 43% now have a platform for sharing documents between employees compared to only 17% before the crisis, a development made necessary in particular by the increased use of teleworking.  

But an increase in the digitalization of companies also means an increase in cybersecurity risks and therefore a concern for companies. Thus, 44% of these companies say they fear losing data or getting hacked when they use digital tools, compared to 36% before the crisis. 

In fact, more companies are finding themselves the target of cyberattacks. These often started with phishing emails, followed by ransom demands to recover data or to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information. 

How much does a cyberattack cost? 

These attacks are not without consequences and represent a significant cost for organizations. It is estimated that an average cost of €97,000 for an SME, but this amount can be much higher depending on the structure affected and the type of attack suffered. According to a study recently published by IBM Security in 2021, a cyberattack costs 10% more than in 2020. This then threatens the solvency of companies. 1 in 6 companies said they came close to bankruptcy after suffering a cyberattack. 

80% of the risks come from human error. By applying security measures, much of the risk can already be avoided. 

Mandarine Academy’s expertise 

Mandarine Academy, a French company that supports the digital transformation of companies, is already training and raising awareness among thousands of employees to protect themselves from this kind of risk. Because in the current context, those employees have clearly become targets and their training is thus a priority for the safety of companies. 

« We are seeing an evolution in the demand for training on data privacy and security. Interest in these trainings has been all the stronger since the beginning of the health crisis. On average,  cybersecurity spending per company has more than doubled in two years and part of it is spent on employee training.  » describes Laurent Maurer, founder of Mandarine Academy, 

« On our training platform, cybersecurity is the most consulted topic, after best practices on collaborative uses. These online learning courses introduce learners to best practices on each collaboration application. » 

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