This week, we continue our series of articles to introduce you to the Booster Adoption. Today, we’ll introduce you to the methods and tools we use to help you deploy your digital solutions thanks to the Booster Adoption.

As we discussed in the previous article, it is essential to take into account the human side in order to succeed in your IT projects.

To this end, the Booster Adoption guarantees:

  • Quick use of the digital solution
  • A massive commitment from your employees in the use of this solution
  • The generalization of good practices to make the most of the solution deployed

As a reminder, the Booster Adoption is based on the deployment of a platform dedicated to the adoption of new uses by combining personalized support to allow you to successfully deploy your project.

To maximize the chances of success, over the course of our 12 years of experience, we have developed methodologies to help you define a strategy and the means to achieve your goals.

Our support methods:

Our agile approach, tooled by the implementation of a personalized platform, ensures you a quick and efficient change behavior.

Our consultants are PROSCI-certified, and we rely on this method to carry out an audit and diagnosis in advance of the support.

This pragmatic approach increases the likelihood of project success and manages resistance to change. It is the global benchmark in terms of driving change.

Based on 20 years of research into practices in the conduct of change, PROSCI uses the ADKAR tool to help you manage the human side when making change projects. ADKAR stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.

Our expertise:

Our consultants, PROSCI-certified, support you through this method of work. We use our know-how to help you manage the human side, especially with agile sprints, which anchor the changes made and coordinate working methods and best practices within the teams.

We defend strong values on human support during digital transformation projects. We support all employees and our solutions adapt to all levels of knowledge of digital tools.

We encourage dialogue and exchanges, with this in mind, we have strengthened the place of the human with our training and personalized support.

The Booster Adoption solution relies on an audit phase, on agile action completion phases to enable you to achieve the desired business objectives while protecting the expected return on investment and on an assessment.

A communication plan:

Communication is central to change projects, we help you put in place actions to communicate about your project. Upstream, we are studying with you the possibilities and we are present to prepare together this communication plan. There are many ways to communicate within a company and this depends on the goals set.

Our teams guide you to define the communications to deploy to your employees. In addition to e-mail communications, there are many methods of communication. It is possible to highlight your project by organizing events, information meetings or relying on media such as flyers or videos…

Next week, we will conclude this series of articles. We will discuss the details and the different stages of supporting the Booster Adoption.

In the meantime, please contact us to tell us about your plans.

See you soon!