In recent years, new learning methods have emerged. Among them, that of gamification. This logic has rapidly developed in Game Learning or Serious Game. The approach consists in transposing the mechanisms of video games into a non-playful field, such as e-learning. Through a fully personalized scenario and a fictitious path, employees will quickly adopt digital technology.

Great trend in online training: This technique makes it possible to make training less conventional and therefore much more attractive in the eyes of employees. Unanimously approved, combining leisure & training is the new explosive combo.

Learning based on personal excellence 🎓

Game learning is to bring your employees back to something they know, and to a system that appeals to their child’s soul. As a result, the fear of the unknown or failure is swept away.

In addition, unlike more standardized training, the level and reward system provides a sense of accomplishment at the end of each course. This gain in experience and confidence is necessary to encourage employees to continue training. They will interact even more with the platform since they will no longer see it as a required « job » but as a game they control.

In addition, going through the game makes it possible to train each employee at his/her own pace and level. These results are possible because this experience is built on the ATAWADAC logic (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device, Any Content).

Through attractive scenarios 🎮

The great thing about game learning is that it is entirely designed to meet your needs. Indeed, it is possible to specially develop a game to accompany learners on the training of a particular tool. Game learning modules allow you to develop a whole range of soft skills such as:

  • Writing, design and project management
  • Organizational skills
  • Human relationships through emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation

Fully customizable and hybrid, Game Learning is mostly used for online training but can be entirely adapted to onsite training. This makes it possible to raise awareness directly in the field or transform this experience into a team-building event.

To gain a positive learning experience 🤩

Learning while having fun is not just about introducing employees to a new way of working, but about a real investment in your company. The benefits of game learning are multiple, and do not only concern the adoption of new tools.

For example, playing in general allows you to fight against brain aging by enriching your analytical skills.

Indeed, as early as 1944, John von Neumann developed game theory. In particular, it demonstrates that through each type of game, we develop different skills. It is according to the resolution of the latter that we develop this or that competence.

This can range from team cohesion, through strategy games, to decision-making during more elaborate gameplay.

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