In 2010, we quickly realized that we needed to build an all-in-one offer. We have therefore offered an industrial package from migration to training to many market players, including operators, resellers, and software vendors integrating Microsoft solutions.

2014: A strong growth

Four years later, in 2014, our growth is still just as strong. Our offer for SMEs on Office 365 works very well, which allows us to get more and more large projects to process. Whether on Microsoft solutions, telephony solutions like Cisco or on business applications.
In view of the success of our all-in-one offer, we decided to launch two new projects.

The creation of a new offer and our internalisation project

We are launching the « RDV Formation » offer to offer training on the Microsoft Office suite mixing digital and live training sessions for companies. This way of training allows to optimize the training costs and helped us make our first fundraising.

This offer enabled companies to meet a maximum number of training requests with an optimized budget. Thanks to this offer, we brought more flexibility to companies. Our model was based on the sale of tickets distributed to employees. This allowed the manager to track registrations, manage training needs and select session topics. It also allowed him to easily manage training requests by buying and distributing tickets from a catalogue of subjects. For the user, this offer allowed him to choose his topics and training dates when he wanted to exchange in live training sessions with an expert trainer.

At the same time, the more we worked on large projects, the tighter the cash flow was, but our ambition was to expand internationally. Indeed, we believed that our model could be applied in other markets. However, with a low cash flow, it is difficult to start in other countries. We then decided to wait before launching our model in the United Kingdom and North America’s markets.

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